Update Active Directory User Information with Workflow

Your company has implemented an Active Directory, but some of the user information is outdated or simply wrong? No problem for Symantec Workflow! For one of our customers, we have developed a workflow that allows the end user or their supervisor to customize the user information themselves, such as job title, phone number or office location.

After the end user or supervisor fills out the form, the changes are of course not directly adjusted in the Active Directory, but an email is triggered to the HR department, who must first accept the changes made or reject them with a reason given. Only then are mutations made in the Active Directory or rejected by the system. The user is of course informed about the decision of the HR department by mail. Each execution of the workflow is logged by the system and can be tracked later.

Of course, this process can be easily customized according to your needs.

Do you know the problem of an outdated Active Directory? Can this workflow help you or do you have further ideas for process automation? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Update user information (example in German)