Workflow – copy software assignment

You know the situation: at the «best possible» time, your supervisor’s client drops out. Now things have to move quickly, with all the other projects certainly not allowing for any time delays. How do you proceed? You probably have few problems with standard software. Software, in other words, that is available to every client in the company. For example: Java Runtime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player Plugin and probably also the Office programs.

But what about special software? For example: MS Visio, MS Project, Adobe Acrobat Standard, the company-specific accounting software, other specialist tools and probably a lot more…

→ You can accomplish the assignment of the special software in Altiris by means of a workflow created by us within the shortest time. In this workflow, you only need to enter the «old» and the «new» client name and the special software will be assigned to this new client. Within a very short time, you can get back to your daily tasks and projects.

We support some very complex workflows in various companies. So you can be sure to get the necessary know-how. If you are interested in this facilitation for your company, please contact us without obligation. Our workflow specialist Reto Wintsch will advise you directly and professionally.

Call us, send us an e-mail or simply use the feedback button on the left side of our website. You will be amazed at what can be solved. We are looking forward to working out your solution together with you.