Save money thanks to FYRE Uninstall Workflow

Do you recognize this?

Software sometimes costs high license fees. If the software is used regularly, this is justified.

But if you have installed software on clients that is not needed at all, you have invested money unnecessarily.

It is possible that a user does not need an expensive software anymore, because he has taken over a new function or a new task in the company. In this case you could uninstall the expensive software right away and save a lot of money, but unfortunately this is often forgotten.

Save money with the Uninstall Workflow from FYRE Consulting! We have developed a workflow for a customer, which continuously fixes the deficit described above.

This Altiris workflow is automatically started e.g. quarterly, of course the repetition rhythm is freely configurable. All users receive an automatically generated e-mail with a link. Via this link the user can freely decide which software is still needed on his client and which should be uninstalled automatically.

→ Various filter mechanisms come into play in this uninstall workflow. Of course, we do not want to mistakenly uninstall any standard software, such as Adobe Reader.
The workflow ensures that no standard software can be uninstalled. Also, all computers that are not assigned to a user, for example the computers in a meeting room, are automatically filtered out.

However, any special software that was installed specifically for a computer or user should be available for uninstallation.

This workflow also writes all processes into a specific log file, so that one can later evaluate which software was uninstalled by which user. There is also an entry in the log file per workflow cycle (e.g. every three months) if the user decides not to make any changes.

Do you also want to save software license costs?

We would be happy to support you with our customer-specific workflow for software uninstallation.
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