Driver update

Does that sound familiar?

→ For the third time today, your notebook loses the connection to the wireless LAN. Your video conference, where you just gave a presentation, continues without you.

What happened?
Your wireless adapter «lost» the connection to the WLAN.
Why did this happen?
Your notebook has an old version of the WLAN driver installed.

Here is a typical Intel wireless LAN driver. The driver is almost a year old:

To have a functioning IT environment, it is important to keep various components up-to-date.
The drivers are a part of it. The manufacturers (HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus etc.) regularly release driver updates.

These drivers can be distributed with your system management tool (Altiris, SCCM etc.). To do this, a package is prepared which automatically (silently) installs the driver.

This is distributed via a distribution mechanism (task, policy etc.) to all clients of a certain hardware type. A detection rule is used to check whether the driver has been successfully installed.

Here is a current version of this WLAN driver:

→ This driver update should be performed periodically (for example, once a year, every 6 months) by your client engineers.
Remember to test the driver packages and evaluate the rollout.

We are happy to support you in defining the necessary process. Of course, we also support you in performing the necessary tasks. Get in contact with us.