Altiris Server Management Suite

The Altiris Server Management Suite from Broadcom (Symantec Division) provides today’s IT administrators with a comprehensive solution to manage physical and virtual servers, regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix and virtual platforms) installed on them.

The suite, which is part of the IT Management Suite, provides solutions for provisioning, control, automation and monitoring from a central console.

The advantages of the Server Management Suite at a glance

→ Thanks to real-time data, you can make intelligent and fast decisions
→ Innovation is possible thanks to new technologies and process automation. No new tools or methods are required
→ Configure BIOS, RAID, user and network settings as well as services etc. already during setup
→ Predefined sample tasks from major hardware vendors such as HP, Dell, IBM, Sun/Oracle and Fujitsu are already available
→ You make changes with more confidence because the system is transparent

The Altiris Server Management Suite solutions in detail

Deployment Solution

  • Ensures that all servers can be set up with the same configuration.
  • Automates staging through zero-touch imaging or unattended installation.
  • Support for all plug-and-play drivers in DeployAnywhere for hardware-independent imaging
  • Images can be created with Symantec Ghost, with ImageX from Microsoft (WIM) or with RDeploy from Altiris
  • Change operating system settings

Virtual Machine Management

  • Overview of virtual resources (Hyper-V and VMWare)
  • Create new and modify existing virtual machines
  • Changing the state of a virtual machine (Power On/Off)

Monitor Solution

  • Monitoring critical components in the data center
  • Improve server uptime through self-healing tasks that execute before the critical time arrives

Inventory Solution

  • Inventories the software on the computers (MSI Cache, Add Remove, Files on Windows / RPM, Apps, etc. on Linux and Mac)
  • Inventories the hardware (processor, memory, case, hard disk and much more)
  • Inventories information about users
  • With the Application Metering feature you can monitor software and prevent its execution

Software Management Solution

  • Distribute software and ensure that software remains installed
  • Uninstall software
  • Software can be installed in the background
  • End users can install or request software directly via a software portal if the software requires approval

Patch Management Solution

  • Patch assessment scan, which scans the environment for uninstalled patches
  • Distribution of patches from over 40 different vendors on the Windows environment (Microsoft, Sun/Oracle, Mozilla, Apple, etc.)
  • Distribution of Mac, Suse and Red Hat patches

Real Time Management

  • Real time access to the server in the console via WMI
  • Various tasks can be performed remotely (restart server, terminate processes, manage services)
  • Detailed real time information about a server

IT Analytics

  • Easy report generation (no SQL knowledge required)
  • Key performance indicators
  • Compile pivot tables via drag and drop
  • Relieve of the Symantec CMDB

Process Automation

  • Workflow Solution is included free of charge
  • Ability to create and implement process flows
  • Forms for end users
  • Interfaces to other systems possible (e.g. to Active Directory)

Release Notes and User Guides

The release notes and other useful documents for Altiris can be conveniently found at:

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