Google Workspace Products

A lot of proven Google products will help you keep your business organized, efficient and therefore effective:

The proven and well-known email solution. 30GB storage, spam filter, labels, rules and of course a strong Google search! Easily usable via browser or app on all devices.

If required, you can extend the text chat with video transmission. You can also start video conferences with several participants at the click of a mouse.

With Google Docs you can write letters and documentations. Tables of contents, style sheets, tables and images make even sophisticated documents possible. Collaborative editing is facilitated by comment and notification features.

With Google Forms you can quickly create survey or registration forms. The user’s input is written directly into a Google spreadsheet and can thus be easily evaluated.

With Google Sites you create websites without HTML knowledge. These can be both public and restricted-access. By means of permissions you distinguish between owners, editors and readers.

Mobile Management
With Mobile Management you can push settings to Android and iOS devices and manage them with it.

The integrated organization solution. Search function, reminders, invitations, multiple calendars, so you organize your appointments efficiently.

In Google Drive you manage your data, be it MS Office files, PDFs, images, etc. or Google Spreadsheets, texts, presentations. The latter allow you to take full advantage of the cloud benefits: Real-time collaboration in the same document, change tracking via versions, flexible sharing worldwide.

In Google Spreadsheets you manage projects, lists and statements. With formulas and pivot tables familiar from Excel, you can calculate and compute even complex issues.

Google Presentation Editor supports videos, animations and slide transitions. Surprise your audience with this web-only solution.

With Google Groups, you can easily get a forum for internal teams or use it to browse numerous newsgroups.

Vault/Archives (optional)
Google Vault archives the data you want to keep longer than usual, for example for possible legal disputes.

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