Symantec Workflow

Whether service catalogs, hardware procurement, order entry, vacation planning, employee entries, etc. – with Symantec Workflow from Broadcom, you can create, modify, test, automate and manage processes in electronic form, thus saving time and costs. Virtually every process in a company can be technically mapped with this solution.

Workflows can be compiled via drag and drop

Here is an example of what can be achieved with a workflow

This workflow (see picture) was created by FYRE Consulting AG and adds the new computer to the same Altiris collections, where the old computer was already located, in case of a hardware change. Thus, the new computer of an employee, again gets the same software that was previously installed on the old device.

Logical way to reduce costs

Thanks to the Symantec Workflow Solution, the management costs of the IT environment can be reduced. This solution provides users with a streamlined framework to define and implement workflows. A set of wizards (visual drag and drop tools) are also included to further simplify workflow creation. The Workflow Solution not only dovetails with Altiris products, but can also address and interact with entirely different systems, such as an Active Directory, Exchange Server, database systems, etc.

User-friendly and browser-based

The Workflow Solution is based on web services and can be easily integrated into existing Altiris environments. This improves management in the long term and provides an optimal overview of the entire environment. Various workflows will be included in some Altiris products in the future, and these can be customized, extended or integrated into third-party solutions using workflow design tools.

Possible fields of application

The Workflow Designer is completely customizable to your needs and therefore very powerful and versatile! We have reported about some areas of application:

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Workflow – Software distribution with direct feedback
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New Patch Management Process from FYRE

Would you like your IT administrators to gain more knowledge about Symantec Worfkow? FYRE offers workflow training courses, designed to your liking and held online or at your company’s location.
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