Secret Server

Use privileged account management to protect all privileged accounts across the enterprise

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated – effective Privileged Account Management (PAM) is therefore essential for a company of any size! This is where Secret Server from Delinea comes into play.

FYRE Consulting is a partner of Delinea (prev. Thycotic) in Switzerland.

Our consultant is a Certified Secret Server Engineer:

Secret Server briefly explained

Secret Server is an enterprise Privileged Account Management solution from Delinea (prev. Thycotic).
Secret Server ensures the security of so-called privileged accounts in a company. These privileged accounts are monitored, managed, protected and access to them is verified. Secret Server provides a simple and fast solution for large companies with many accounts, enabling IT operations teams to securely manage all privileged accounts.

Create security for privileged accounts and password protection:

  • Set up Secure Vault – Set granular access rights, users, and structures according to your organization.

  • Identify privileges – Identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts to avoid assigning too many privileges.

  • Manage Secrets – Assign and revoke access privileges, maintain high password security, and change credentials regularly.

  • Delegate access – Set up role-based access control, access request workflows, and third-party approvals.

  • Session monitoring – Leverage the ability to start sessions, use proxies, and record sessions for monitoring purposes.

  • Protect Unix – Create whitelists for UNIX commands and manage SSH keys.

The 5 top advantages of Secret Server

1. higher security
Protect your privileged accounts to reduce your attack surface and make your business more secure

2. reduce the workload of your IT teams
Straightforward PAM solution with simplified user interface and clear design

3. meet compliance requirements
Avoid significant fines

4. scale your PAM
Flexible deployment within Delinea’s secure enterprise architecture

5. rapid payback
Fast setup thanks to the setup and configuration wizard

Secret Server in Detail:

Password protection

  • Secure vaults and password management for privileged accounts across your enterprise infrastructure
  • Proactive protection with automatic password change, heartbeat, and configurable policies
  • Intelligent workflow with check-out capability, privileged access requests, justification, and multi-level authorization

Elimination of internal and external threats

  • Identification of all service accounts across the network
  • Support for custom scripts to configure dependencies, hooks, and integrations individually
  • Extend PAM protection to DevOps using the DevOps workflow
  • Regularly update passwords while maintaining dependencies

Audits and reports

  • Scheduled or customized audits, reports, and alerts help you proactively meet compliance requirements
  • Granular policy control applies to all devices and teams

Identification of suspicious activities

  • Real-time session monitoring and control, e.g., using proxies, session recording, and keyloggers
  • Integration with SIEM and vulnerability scanners for increased visibility
  • Behavioral analysis combined with machine learning to detect unusual user behaviors

Ready to use immediately

  • Guided configuration and commissioning – so you can get started right away
  • Easy customizability for time and cost savings

Protect infrastructure and network

  • Risk of human error is reduced by a uniform and intuitive user interface
  • Usability and security requirements are combined in an all-around secure system
  • Complexity is reduced, thereby increasing productivity and ability to act

The right solution for every company – locally installed or in the cloud

Flexible and agile scaling of PAM security controls – according to your needs. That’s why Secret Server comes in three editions:

→ Vault Edition
Affordable, easy-to-use PAM protection for your business.

→ Professional Edition
Intelligent automated PAM solution to meet cybersecurity best practices and compliance requirements.

→ Platinum Edition
Next-generation PAM for maximum security and agility.

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