Altiris Workshops

You are working with Altiris and would like to expand your knowledge on this topic?
Do you have Altiris Administrators who would profit from a training?
Would you like your team to acquire more in-depth knowledge of altiris?

Whatever the case – The Altiris Workshops with FYRE Consulting are individually designed to teach you exactly what you need to know. Here is an overview of the training content:

What will you learn on the Altiris Workshop with FYRE Consulting?


You will will learn what the altiris infrastructure is based on:

  • Windows Server
  • Internet Information Server
  • Certificates
  • Microsoft SQL Databases

Altiris Infrastructure

In the altiris training you will learn everything about the altiris infrastructure.
The infrastructure usually consists of the following server components: 

  • Notification Server
  • Package Server
  • Network Boot Server (formerly PXE Server)
  • Task Server
  • Cloud Enabled Management Server (CEM)

The training will also answer the following questions

  • How does the altiris agent communicate?
  • How often does the altiris agent communicate?
  • What is the basic inventory?
  • Which protocols are used?
  • What is a persistent connection?
  • What is a collection/filter ?
    • How do I create a static collection?
    • How do I create a dynamic collection?
  • What is a target?
    • How do I work with targets?
  • What is a maintenance window?
  • What is a task?
  • What is a job?
  • What reports are there out of the box?
  • How do I create a new report for my manager?
  • What information can I get out of the resource manager?
    • Which events can I see there?

Software Management

Which components are needed for a successful software management?

  • What is a software package?
    • Where should it be stored?
  • What is a command line?
    • How many do I need?
    • What should they do?
  • What does a detection rule do?
  • What do I use an applicability rule for?
  • What opportunities do I have with a software policy?
    • What does a software policy consist of?
    • What settings can I set in there?
  • How can I check if the software has been rolled out successfully?

Patch Management Solution

What can I do with the patch management solution on Windows?

  • Why is patch management easier than software deployment?
  • Which software products are supported?
  • How does the patch data get into the altiris database?
  • What Phases should I do for a successful patch cycle?
    • How often should I patch?
    • How can it be easily done?
    • How can the servers be patched in phases, during the night, without user intervention?

Deployment solution

How do I successfully deploy operating systems?

  • What is a preboot environment?
  • Where are the log files in the WINPE?
  • How do I deploy an operating system?
  • What tasks do I use?
  • How do I deploy the default software after setting up Windows Client or Server?

Inventory Solution

How do I get a current inventory from all the clients and servers?

  • How do I set the inventory policies?
  • How often should they run?
  • How can they run without slowing down the system?
  • How can I get an inventory with a task?

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Your trainer, Reto Wintsch has over 15 years of experience with Altiris and has given several training sessions for various companies.
Moreover, FYRE Consulting is an official partner of Broadcom and all Altiris specialists are «Authorized Symantec Consultants» (ASC).