Altiris Workflow (Symantec Workflow) Workshops

Would you like to acquire more in-depth knowledge of how you can automate virtually any recurring task? Could your Altiris Administrators profit from a Workflow Workshop as well?

Whatever the case – A Symantec Workflow training with FYRE Consulting is designed individually to teach you exactly what you need to know. Here’s an overview of the Workshop content:

What will you learn on the Altiris Workflow Workshop with FYRE Consulting?


You will learn what the altiris workflow infrastructure is based on:

  • Windows Server
  • Internet Information Server
  • Certificates
  • Microsoft SQL Databases

Altiris Workflow Infrastructure

In the workflow training you will learn everything about the altiris workflow infrastructure.
The infrastructure usually consists of the following server components:

  • Altiris Workflow Server
  • Workflow Solution
  • Process Manager

The Workshop will also answer the following questions

  • What workflow types are there?
  • What are application properties?
    • How do I use good variables which I can change, if I have to. 
  • What is the process manager?
  • What are rules components?
  • What is an integration library?
  • How do I update a workflow without interrupting the service?
  • How do I name my components?
  • How do I name my variables?
  • How can I test my workflow to ensure it works as intended?

General Information

This is hands-on training!
It is so much easier to remember if you have gained experience. And it is a lot more fun!
There are so many things you can accomplish with the Symantec Workflow Solution!

Workflow Tasks

This is hands-on training. We will create a lot of workflows.
When using the workflows, you will encounter questions and we can overcome issues together.

  • We will create a webform 
    • Where a user can enter information
    • We will have error handling 
    • We will send an email with the gathered information 
  • We will create a webform with a search form accessing the active directory 
  • We will create an autostart workflow which can automatically do something 
  • We will create several integration libraries
    • We will access a Microsoft SQL Database
      • We will search for information
      • We will add to tables 
      • We will delete from a table
      • We will change values in a table
    • We will access a webservice
      • We will access a webservice to communicate with the altiris server
    • We will create an integration library to access a Microsoft Excel File
  • We will create a typical workflow approval process
    • A user will request an item
    • A manager will get an email with a link in it
      • The manager can then access the website and approve or deny the request
    • We can define different status in this process

Have we sparked your interest in a Workshop with FYRE Consulting?

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Your trainer, Reto Wintsch, has over 15 years of experience with Altiris and has given several training sessions for various companies.
Moreover, FYRE Consulting is an official partner of Broadcom and all our Altiris specialists are «Authorized Symantec Consultants» (ASC).