Altiris ITMS

Do you have a large number of computers, servers and other endpoints in use? Are you looking for new solutions for your Endpoint Management?
Then you have come to the right place!

By using Altiris ITMS (IT Management Suite) from Broadcom (Symantec Division), you can reduce your IT costs and also manage your environment more efficiently. Most processes can be automated and visualized, so you always have the upper hand and know «what’s what» on your IT systems.

The 10 best arguments for using Altiris

1. intuitive interface – you don’t have to be Einstein’s descendant to understand how Altiris works.
2. Windfall software management – YOU decide who has what software.
3. easy license management – yes, it exists!
4. easy report creation – you can analyze virtually anything and create tons of reports.
5. optimal scalability and performance – loads lightning fast, even if you have a large number of clients to manage.
6. advanced mobile support – one basic inventory for all your mobile devices, enforce security settings, lock functions (e.g. camera or web browser) …here you are in mobile management heaven.
7. Solves Windows Compatibility Problems – By virtualizing your software «on the fly», we tame even the most unruly and incompatible software. Bye bye compatibility issues!
8. built-in process automation – The Workflow Solution is included with all Altiris products. This is a very powerful solution and we are eager to show you how it will make your life much easier!
9. migration and deployment enhancements – The Deployment Solution and Rapideploy Multicast for Ghost leave nothing to be desired.
10. advanced patch management – Over 40 different patch vendors are now supported, from Apple to Google and Oracle to VMware, everything is included. This makes patch management fun!

We have many years of experience in the implementation, realization and maintenance of Altiris solutions! With Altiris products, we also realize your IT projects and implement them successfully in your business.

Release Notes and User Guides

The release notes and other useful documents for Altiris can be conveniently found at:

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Would you like to find out specifically which solution covers all your requirements?
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