Client/Server Engineering

Are you planning to move from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 or 11?
Or do you want to create a standardized build of Server 2016 or 2019?
With today’s variety of complex systems, it is an advantage if you always build from the same starting point. This reduces the support/documentation effort and the recovery time of a system.

Wide range of configuration options

Microsoft offers many tools to customize their systems to the needs of the customers. But these tools, such as «System Image Manager» (SIM), «Deployment Image Servicing and Management» (DISM), «PowerShell», «Group Policy Objects» or «Group Policy Preferences» require knowledge and experience. However, if you don’t want to get lost in the configuration jungle, you shouldn’t want to customize every detail. The saying «less is more» also applies here.

Count on our experience

Not every IT employee has time to familiarize himself with these areas! The FYRE consultants have already carried out several projects in connection with all Windows versions.

We would be happy to analyze a reference client together with you and to reproduce it automatically. Of course, engineering also includes the documentation of all settings.
We will show you how you can use the potential that Microsoft provides free of charge in their systems!

A selection of the most common customizations

  • different domains
  • different country settings
  • integrate language packs
  • integrate Microsoft components (e.g. Internet Explorer)
  • integrate Microsoft operating system updates
  • Remove or add Microsoft operating system features (e.g. Telnet Client)
  • Configure services (e.g. disable)
  • Look & Feel or Corporate Design (login screen, background image, desktop icons etc.)
  • Any settings via PowerShell Script or via Registry

Would you like to find out specifically which solution covers all your requirements?
Get in touch with us and we’ll find out together.