Migrations to Windows 11

Are you still working with Windows 10 or even with Windows 7 or 8.x? We will gladly support you with our know-how during a migration to Windows 11. Do not wait until the support from Microsoft for these operating systems has completely stopped, act in time instead. A migration to a new operating system contains some obstacles, but also many opportunities for your company! The time frame of a comprehensive migration to Windows 11 is between 12 and 18 months, if you include preparation and implementation.

→ Act early and contact us today. This will help us to develop the optimal solution for you within a reasonable period of time.

The five top reasons to migrate to Windows 11 right away

1. Windows 11 is very easy to use
With a reduced burden on help desk, your support costs will be reduced compared to its predecessors (Windows 7, 8).
2. significantly reduced training effort
A shorter training or refresh is usually sufficient for the implementation than was the case with previous migrations.
3. you save time and costs thanks to improved integrated tools
For example, BitLocker hard disk encryption – increased security at no additional cost, to name just one example.
4. finally upgrade outdated hardware (RAM, etc.) or replace it right away
Most older computers are plagued with problems that you can get rid of with up-to-date and modern hardware. For example, the unloved and costly hard disk failures. More efficient hardware with new and enhanced power saving features will also save you a lot of operating costs in the long run.
5. no software compatibility problems
Your software doesn’t run on Windows 11? No problem, we know a thing or two about software virtualization. Say goodbye to compatibility problems!

Through client management you also achieve a higher level of automation during migration

Do you already know Altiris? With the combination of Altiris products and Windows 11, the time required for migration can be significantly reduced through a high level of automation. Microsoft and Symantec provide tools that support this approach and greatly simplify your migration.
Check out this – now a bit older, but still very funny – short video from Symantec on the topic of migration:

Symantec Windows Migration

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