Altiris new with IPXE support

For automated operating system installation (Windows Unattended), a Windows PE (Windows Preinstall Environment) is required first, which is downloaded via the TFTP protocol. The Windows PE is usually about 450 MB in size and is loaded into the cache via the network.

Since this protocol was already specified in 1981, the speed leaves much to be desired, depending on the BIOS and the type of computer. It may well take 5 min (or many times longer) to download the preboot environment.

We have a better solution ready for you!

Since Altiris version 8.1 and the release update 7 there is a much better way for downloading the Windows PE! The Windows PE can now be downloaded via the HTTP protocol of the web server. This process takes place via a special bootloader called iPXE.

We have already implemented iPXE at the first customers, the time for the download has been shortened significantly with this variant! We can really recommend this solution!

We would be happy to help you implement Release Update 7 and the new iPXE feature in your Altiris.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the benefits for you.

Here you will find further information on this topic:


Windows PEWindows Preboot Environment
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
iPXEOpen Source Boot Freeware

We look forward to hearing from you!