Secret Server functions explained: Check Out

Delinea Secret Server

→ What’s a Check Out?
→ What does a Check Out look like?
What are Hooks?

I will answer these questions in this short description.

On this page you can learn more about the server functions.

– written by Reto Wintsch, Secret Server Engineer

What is a Check Out?

  • A check out can be configured for each secret that requires special protection.
  • A check out ensures that only one user uses this password at a time.
  • After a check out, no other user can use this secret.

What does a Check Out look like?

  • The Secret can then be used for a certain period of time.
  • This period is of course configurable:
  • If another user wants to use this secret as well, the following will be displayed:

What are Hooks?

  • Hooks can be used to perform other actions before or after the check in/check out. This can execute different types of scripts (Powershell, SQL, SSH).
  • An example would be to activate an account from the Active Directory before check out and deactivate it immediately after check in:
  • These hooks are freely configurable and are executed automatically after each action (e.g. check in).
  • Of course, all this is also registered in the audit log:

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