Secret Server functions explained: Approval Workflow

Delinea Secret Server

→ Why do I need an Approval Workflow?
→ What can I do with an Approval Workflow?

I will answer these questions in this short description.

On this page you can learn more about the server functions.

– written by Reto Wintsch, Secret Server Engineer

Why do I need an Approval Workflow?

  • An important secret is stored in Secret Server. This Secret should be additionally protected.

What can I do with an Approval Workflow?

  • The workflow allows you to define a simple or multi-level approval process.
  • This approval process has to be passed before a user gets access to this secret.

What can such an approval process look like?

  • In this example, the Secret Domain Administrator II is secured with an Approval Workflow:
  • The user fills in the access request:
  • The access request lands in the inbox of all approvers:
  • The approvers may then approve or deny the request:
  • This approval process is defined according to customer requirements.
  • The approval process can contain a maximum of 15 levels.
  • Of course, all activities in this context are recorded:

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