Secret Server functions explained: Secret Template

Delinea Secret Server

→ What is a Secret Template?
→ Which Templates are available?

In this short description I will answer these questions.

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– written by Reto Wintsch, Secret Server Engineer

What is a Secret Template?

  • A template is used to define the format and content of a secret (for example, a password).
  • Secret Server knows about 50 templates.
  • Additional templates can be generated by the user.

What does a Template look like?

  • A template can have a connection to a launcher.
  • The launcher allows to use the password (Secret) or the account to connect to a server:
  • Another type of template, for example, can be a web password:
  • The web password then uses the Web Password Filler as a launcher.
  • This means that you can use this secret to automatically log on to a specific website on the Internet.

Which predefined templates are available?

Active Directory – Machine Names
Active Directory Account
Amazon IAM Console Password
Amazon IAM Key
Azure AD Account
Bank Account
Cisco Account (SSH)
Cisco Account (Telnet)
Cisco Enable Secret (SSH)
Cisco Enable Secret (Telnet)
Cisco VPN Connection
Combination Lock
Credit Card
DevOps Secrets Vault Client Credentials
Generic Discovery Credentials
Google IAM Service Account Key
HP iLO Account (SSH)
IBM iSeries Mainframe
MySql Account
OpenLDAP Account
Oracle Account
Oracle Account (TCPS)
Oracle Account (Template Ver 2)
Oracle Account (Walletless)
Product License Key
SAP Account
SAP SNC Account
Security Alarm Code
Social Security Number
SonicWall NSA Web Admin Account
SonicWall NSA Web Local User Account
SQL Server Account
Sybase Account
Unix Account (Privileged Account SSH Key Rotation – No Password)
Unix Account (Privileged Account SSH Key Rotation)
Unix Account (SSH Key Rotation – No Password)
Unix Account (SSH Key Rotation)
Unix Account (SSH)
Unix Account (Telnet)
Unix Root Account (SSH)
Web Password
Windows Account
z/OS Mainframe

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